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Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse is the big deal at the moment, Chip & Jo brought farmhouse to life. This is your light and bright look. We can go super farmhouse or just a touch of farmhouse. My personal favorite is Modern Farmhouse... this style can be mixed with so much.

Modern Style


Modern, the look is so clean and fresh. I love how much we can do with it. You can do such a simple yet statement piece of artwork with some clean sleek line finishes. This style is defiantly s showstopper and tends to be a little more pricey. It gives your space a higher end feel. 

Industrial Style


Industrial tends to have more of a darker accent color with more metal in my opinion. This look is very simple and open, you don't have to add so many little things into your space. 

Contemporary Style


Contemporary is a good mix of just a clean FRESH STYLE! This style tends to have more neutral tones such as gray, black or white. 

Rustic Style


Rustic style tens to have more wood. This is all the distressed and wood mixture. You can go super rustic or just some touches here in there. Both styles look great!

Bohemian Style


Bohemian is such a different style, its defiantly not for everyone. I love getting to add touches of boho into my style. I will admit I'm pretty obsessed with the new crochet pillows and all that jazz.This style is so fun, it usually consist of lots of plants and rugs & awesome! This style is so nice neutral but also amazing with so much color added into it. 

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Let Us Decorate For You!

We would love to work with you on a new home or just add a little freshness  to a space! We will be very reasonably priced and happy to do work for you. Loving do all styles yes, most of my decor is "farmhouse" but we can still get just about anything. Weather your just looking  for a new light fixture or a new statement piece we can do it all! Please text me with any questions or concerns 

@ 469-383-2284 

-Courtney Varner